Chongqing Shopping Mall
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi to cover up to 8 floors, 800,000+ square feet in per shopping mall
  • Seamless roaming among APs
  • Centralized management and eliminating the need to manually configure individual access points
  • Multiple SSID support and VLAN mapping per SSID
  • Secure user authentication and wireless security encryption
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"With the rapid development of Wi-Fi-enabled devices of all shapes and sizes, many people carry their mobile phones, tablets or notebooks around. The growing demand for the Wi-Fi is getting stronger for the customers in Chongqing Department Store as well. Besides shopping, dining and entertaining, wireless Internet connectivity has been an indispensable part for the customers, too. Wireless network allows mall visitors to access major news websites at the resting and dining area at any time. WLAN access has become one of the most basic services provided by large shopping centers. Therefore, deploying an administrable, controllable, reliable, and efficient WLAN system has become the greatest priority for Chongqing Department Store," said Mr. Chen, VP of Chongqing Department Store.