• Constant and high speed Wi-Fi connectivity on the go
  • Connect to carrier-class LTE/4G broadband networks
  • Dual-SIM for failover
  • All the access points centrally managed by a simple and robust remote control management system.
  • Rugged design for vehicles , easy to deploy
  • Integrated GPS for tracking vehicles is location in real time
  • Higher capacity. Majority of capacity had to be delivered in the 2.4GHz band, with the 5GHz band available for future growth
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A research conducted by Ministry of Transportation has revealed that 1.3 million commuters travel within, into and out of the city daily. The survey also indicates that commuters are filling their empty moments during commutes by checking Facebook, reading news, looking up information and, browsing products online. More than 40 percent of commuters would consider commuter commerce if it were easier to do - most public transit users identified poor cell phone reception or lack of Wi-Fi as the reason they do not shop while in transit.