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Z-COM implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) Green Energy

Sep 01, 2020


Global warming is an important issue to deal with in the recent years. As a citizen, we should initiative promote the formulation and implementation of adaptation strategies for climate change. Z-COM keeps the faith of caring for the Earth, sharing resource and environmental sustainability, formulating administration regulation for “enterprise environmental and the reduction of carbon emissions”. We are calling all the staff to have remote conference or ridesharing which can reduce carbon emissions efficiency.

Roof PV Systems

Z-COM has been involved in the construction of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems since 2017. First, we installed a 350kW roof PV system in the factory in Jiujiang Economic Development Zone. The system can generate more than 350,000 degrees of clean energy per year by absorbing solar energy. It also reduces carbon emissions by about 200 tons per year, which exceeds the annual carbon absorption of 13.3 hectares by forests. The actual power usage of the solar panel system is nearly 30% of the total annual electricity consumption.


The usable electricity not only meets the daily electricity needs of factory equipment but also sells surplus electricity to improve the overall energy efficiency. The insulating solar photovoltaic panels on the roof can out of sunlight exposure directly, thus reduce indoor temperature and air conditioning usage as well as saving electricity consumption in summer. We also planted turf around the building to create a green living environment. Most importantly, we use communication technology to monitor and optimize power efficiency.


Respond to global environmental protection and new energy policy, Z-COM promotes energy conservation to save and use electricity efficiently and achieve the green economy industry. Over the years, we have assisted EPC customers to build up hundreds of MW solar energy fields and energy storage fields to create a better living environment for mankind.

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