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【Product Information】New Generation of Z-COM 802.11ax 4 x 4 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 6/6E Module

May 17, 2021


Z-COM announces today that the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E module–the AX-930 and AX-931. Wi-Fi 6 focused more on improving Wi-Fi stability in congested environments. Wi-Fi 6E essentially brings Wi-Fi 6 to 6GHz band, and will provide significant improvements in throughput and remarkably improve Wi-Fi latency for close-range communications. These two modules are now available to discover worlds of embedded IoT applications.

The biggest differences between two modules are the frequency range and DFS function.

The AX-930 has a single Wi-Fi 6 5GHz band with 5180~5850MHz frequency range. It supports a maximum data rate of 4,804Mbps, and up to 4 spatial streams MU-MIMO. The AX-930 is equipped with PCI Express 3.0 interface and M.2 E key slot. Apart from slower traffic, it also enables Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) function to help devices avoid radars (on the same frequency).

The AX-931 features Wi-Fi 6E with 4 x 4 MU-MIMO, and supports 6105~7125MHz frequency range. It provides a maximum data rate of 4,949Mbps with max 23dBm per chain. It is also equipped with PCI Express 3.0 interface and M.2 E key slot. The AX-931 enables applications such as video streaming, AR & VR, high-speed tethering, etc.

The AX-930 and AX-931 are available for pre-order now.


About Z-COM Inc.
Z-COM dedicated to hardware, software R&D, and manufacturing of wireless networking equipment for decades. Specializing in RF (Radio Frequency) technology and network integration software, Z-COM has worked with international telecoms companies to successfully deploy millions of APs worldwide. Z-COM strives to answer the future demands on faster wireless broadband connectivity and “smarter” AIoT applications.

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