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【Product Information】Z-COM Wireless LAN Controller Solution- Efficient Wireless Management

May 21, 2021


With a new generation of Wi-Fi 6, the application of IoT has led to a surge in connected devices, which has prompted SMBs and telecoms to expand the deployment of wireless access points. Z-COM provides the networking solutions feature to improve connection and operation efficiency across low-latency and high performance for carrier-grade, enterprise, and IoT applications with efficient management, remote monitor, relieve time and cost consuming.

Z-COM Wireless LAN Controller Product Portfolio

◆ Enterprise

For Office/ Hotel/ Meeting Room/ Campus/ Resort/ Retail Area/ Shopping Mall

WS5G2, 7G2, 10G2 with Titan AC software


Z-COM enterprise WLC, WS5G2, 7G2 and 10G2, are based on Software Defined Network. On the platform, IT managers can overview the real-time reports, troubleshooting with GUI dashboard and support central or local forwarding to relieve time and cost consuming. Supporting up to 512 APs with easy configuration, WS5G2, 7G2 and 10G2 allow stable and reliable WLAN application to optimize the cost.


Efficient Management

Maintain and set up the firmware simply


WPA3 Standard

Graphical Status

GUI dashboard for easy-to-use

Smart Deployment

Dashboard for achieving APs configuration

Real-time Monitor

Comprehensive the data simultaneously


Up to 512 access points

Seamless Roaming

Devices operates roaming among same group


Quick detection and root identification to minimize the cost

Airtime Fairness

Distribute bandwidth for multiple devices

Load Balanc

Reduce excessive workload among managed devices


◆ Carrier-grade

For Smart City/Smart Factory/ AIoT

WS200G2, 500G2, 1000G2 with Titan AC software


Z-COM carrier-grade WLC, WS200G2, 500G2 and 1000G2, enforces more comprehensive management and supports up to 8192 APs than enterprise WLC. With the Titan which is the premium function for high-level security and integrated management, IT managers are able to centralize the network infrastructure including APs configuration, SSID control, connective data flow, resource management, QoS and load balance. Through the communications protocol, Z-COM carrier-grade WLC integrates the hardware and software to combine the 3G, LTE, 5GHR networking and W-Fi service for the security and scalability connective management.


Advanced Encryption

Embedded the firework and port filter to avoid DDOS attacking


Tag priority to critical data transmission


Up to 8192 access points

AAA Management:

Butting authentication, authorization and accounting for tracking admins

Admin Setting

Give admins the policy for optimize-management

Network Forwarding

Support central forwarding and local forwarding

Multiple Protocol

Offer concurrent communication multi-protocol operations for high flexible telecom applications

Wi-Fi Offload

Relieving the congested mobile data with additional capacity from unlicensed Wi-Fi

Global Telecom Experience

Z-COM enhances life and communication efficiency through a better-connected world more than 25 years, we cooperated China and India Telecoms solutions enormously helpful to solve their networking communication problems.



◆ IoT Application: vWLC

Z-COM vWLC is a specialty networking solution that enables complete and maintenance APs configuration process with the Kubernetes container-base in easy steps to minimize time, cost and effort.


If you have any questions regarding our products about Z-COM,


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