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Nowadays, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Travelers are more dependent on the Internet than before. People are expecting high speed wireless environment. They will not visit again if the wireless connections are unstable. Therefore, wireless network is an important indicator for evaluating hotel services.

By integrating the internet, surveillance and hotels system through a safety, scalability and elasticity internet, Z-COM wireless solution assist hotels to shorten the distance between travelers, employee and partners. We help lower costs and consistently provide high levels of customer service.

Solution Features

Reliable Wi-Fi

Central Management System for remote monitoring

.Integrate wire and wireless internet with centralized AP management

.1+1 back-up feature ensures uninterrupted service of the Internet

High density and better coverage

Support mesh and fast roaming

.Load balance feature

.Manage internet effectively with VLAN feature


Web user authentication enhances security

.Support detection of unauthorized AP and DoS attack

.Support WPA2

High density and better coverage

Provide bandwidth essential for high resolution cameras

.Combine with hotel system for access control

.Support 5GHz Priority to avoid the overloaded 2.4GHz band for less interference and better channel quality

.Support electric fence alarm, intrusion detection and pedestrian flow statistics

Support AIoT devices

Combine with sensors for data remote monitoring

.Analyze customer behaviors and create interactive marketing