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Wireless Surveillance Solution



The need of video surveillance has increased with the issues of campus, public places security and intelligent transportation. What’s more, high-resolution image, identification, analysis and AIoT applications are getting popular than before. People are strict in the performance of transmission and computing.

Internet communication technology has entered a new era as well.

To achieve intelligent service, zMEC ’s platform as service through Kubernetes-based architecture which can not only integrate with the third-party but also expand different AIoT software application modules, such as identification and analysis, electronic fence.

Besides, the technology of edge computing can reduce the demand of video and audio data for cloud center computing access and network bandwidth resources, so as to make up for the problem of traditional cloud computing delay and unsafe transmission link. It meets the need of high frequency bandwidth and low latency, and to satisfy the needs of information security and privacy protection.

Solution Features 

High-resolution video surveillance

  • QoS - Audio-visual applications give priority to ensure data flow

  • Load Balance- Guarantee traffic flow

  • Provide bandwidth essential for high resolution cameras

  • The edge computing architecture achieves low latency data transmission

High-speed and Reliable Wi-Fi Network

  • Embedded high gain antenna offer a better coverage and longer distance

  • Secure and stable connectivity with 1+1 Redundancy

  • Work in the clean 5GHz band

  • IP67 standard, waterproof and dust proof design

 Low construction and maintenance costs

  • Centralized management which provides system resource management, the working status of network equipment monitoring and bulk AP configuration

  • PoE-out function which supply PoE to IP camera, easier installation

  • Graphic interface design, simple and user-friendly