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New Energy Fields & Communication Management Solution

As people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, "energy efficiency" becomes the most trendy term around the world, and new energy industries are developing at a speed beyond imagination.

Among a variety of new energy technologies, solar energy is ready to shine. Investors do not hesitate to spend hundreds of billions to build their solar energy kingdom, not only for its sustainable value but also for its attractive returns.


However, managing new energy fields is not that simple, and many difficulties need to be overcome. For example, how to collect data in relatively harsh environments with strong wind, high temperatures, or sun exposure? How to centrally manage the data of hundreds of power plants? How to visualize data to improve management efficiency?


To assist power plant owners and investors in overcoming these obstacles and speed up deployment, Z-COM cooperates with Eco Energy Corporation and introduces new energy industry solutions. Z-COM has years of successful deployment in smart cities, solar energy fields, battery energy storage systems, smart factories, rural networks, and construction site monitoring. By applying new network architecture and management thinking, combined with IoT management, Z-COM provides simple one-stop integrated services. Entering the new energy industry is no longer theoretical.

Z-COM O&M Advantages

√  Remote maintenance and network management: troubleshoot, reduce maintenance costs, and manage numbers of scattered fields effectively.

√  Visual interface: real-time monitor on-site terminal equipment, such as electric meters, IPCAM images, and environmental data

√  High-performance data collection and edge computing system

√  Professional technical team


Z-COM Solution


Z-Com SG series device server