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Corporate’s social responsibility policy

The implementation of our social responsibilities covers company governance promotion, cherishing the employee’s and consumer’s interests, responding to green environment protection activities and maintaining social public benefits. Operations are as follows: 


l  Maintain good company’s governance, strictly adhere to business ethics, observe requirements of laws and regulations by local government on labor, environmental protection, safety and health, etc.

l  Adopt the highest honest and moral standards for business operations and employee’s ethics. Strictly prohibit any form of wrongdoings such as, bribery, corruption, cheating, etc. 

l  Provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace, safeguard employee’s interests, and openly and clearly perform management for employees.

l  Respond to international environmental protection laws and regulations, aggressively promote a green office environment and energy saving, implement resource recycle and re-use, maintain environment, safety and health in the workplace. 

l  Products and packaging materials are developed and selected with the green concept and with the design on the premise of safety. 

l  Protect and respect the company’s and other people’s right of intelligent property. Use of technical, professional skills and other related files and data must be in such a manner that the intelligent property right is protected.

l  Promote the philosophy and practice of business social responsibility to cooperative partners, taking altogether business social responsibilities.

l  Actively participate in social public welfare activities, periodically donate goods and materials, and raise funds for social welfare institutions and groups to perform their philosophy of business feedback to the society through concrete courses of actions.