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Smart campus is an emerging trend that allows educational institutions to combine smart technologies with physical infrastructure for improving services, decision making, campus sustainability etc.


In order to implement interactive learning and message digitization, Z-COM smart campus solution through technology of edge computing and AIoT, builds a visualized, centralized and flexible platform. We integrate school management software and students’ life by deploying a high-speed, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network, creating an environment that learning happens everywhere. Smart Campus will be an all-in-one complete education management system to manage schools activities.

Solution Features 

Stable Wi-Fi, optimizes user experience

  • Support fast roaming

  • Control access to web content

  • Guarantee user throughput



  • Centralized management system

  • Simplified network deployment with mesh feature

  • Architecture module for expanding software



  • VLAN network segmentation and security

  • 1+1 back-up feature

  • Support rogue AP detection


Toward a Smart Campus Using IoT

  • Data collection for environmental monitoring

  • Implement interactive learning

  • Laboratory equipment positioning and maintenance


Surveillance protection

  • Essential bandwidth for video transmission

  • Support fence alarm and intrusion detection

  • Integrate with campus security system


High density applications

  • Support for over 100 simultaneous devices

  • Web authentication

  • Band Steering