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Y5Bus Hot Spot in Taiwan


Research conducted by the Ministry of Transportation revealed that 1.3 million commuters travelled in and out of the city every day. The survey also indicated that commuters used their spare time during commute checking social media, reading online news, searching information, and shopping online.

In 2015 Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Econlmic Affairs (MOEA) and five bus operators across Taiwan, formed "M-Commerce Bus Alliance" and launched the "Smart 4G Broadband City" plan for smart transportation services. The goal of this project is to seize the emerging opportunity in commuter commerce and help bus operators and Taiwan-branded retailers increase revenues.

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) joined the project and provided free 4G Wi-Fi Internet and commuter commerce services to public and private buses on major routes to promote a mobile-friendly in-bus shopping experience.



. Stable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity

. SConnect to carrier-class LTE/4G broadband networks

. SDual-SIM for failover

. SCentrally manage all the access points using a simple and robust remote controlled management system

. SCentrally manage all the LTE-Fi units using a simple and robust cloud-based management system

. SIntegrated GPS to track vehicle locations in real-time

. SEasy to deploy

. SSolid design for vehicles

. SHigher capacity: the majority of the capacity delivered in the 2.4 GHz band with the 5 GHz band available for future growth


. SLTE-Fi  in-vehicle access point

. SzCloud


. SFast and reliable wireless connectivity

. SAll clients are able to enjoy the high-speed data transmission and powerful signal

. SThe higher speed provided by IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi enables HD (High Density) content broadcasting

. SThe elimination of manual management for individual access points

. SReal-time vehicle status monitoring and analysis

. SEasy and cost-effective installation


Provide the ultimate Internet accessibility and an on-the-go shopping experience for passengers, the government required a robust, high-performance, reliable 4G Wi-Fi solution to deliver new distribution channels for online shopping products and services. After an extensive search and in-depth testing, ITRI selected Z-COM's LTE networking solution for commuter buses.

Z-COM’s LTE-Fi in-vehicle access point uses 802.11ac, dual-concurrent Wi-Fi technology with 4G and GPS functions. It features a rugged housing, certified for shock and vibration. In addition, with the zCloud system, it is much simpler for bus operators to centrally and rapidly configure multiple LTE-Fi in-vehicle access points at the same time.

Network Architecture 



Z-COM’s 4G Wi-Fi solution has been proven quite successful with such a robust system to win the heart of customer experience. MOEA would move forward with plans for future expansion to deploy 4G Wi-Fi networks on 1,000 buses by the end of 2017.


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