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Z-COM 5G Wi-Fi Interoperability Test and Technology Innovation Laboratory

Aug 05, 2020


In 5G and artificial internet of things (AIoT) era, wireless network access and data computing are the foundation of all kinds of intelligent applications. With the increasing demand of wireless video transmission and real-time analysis of big data, how to plan an efficient wireless network management system is the key to the success of 5G architecture.


Z-COM established the 5G Wi-Fi Interoperability Test and Technology Innovation Laboratory while celebrating 25th anniversary. With the core concept of "open, collaboration and innovation", we sincerely invite partners, integrators and third-party software vendor in AIoT field to join us. Through collaborating with partners we are helping customers reach a milestone.


Suitable Partners

1.      System integrator in various industries

2.      Software development experts in AIoT or Digital Twin fields

3.      AIoT sensors and communication devices that enable real time data acquisition

4.      Interested in Kubernetes (K8S) platform

5.      AI software (container based) plan to be integrated to different platforms for marketing

6.      Eager to optimize wireless network solution


Core Concept


1.      Open edge computing platform to accelerate the software development process and expand combination application flexibly

2.      X86 hardware architecture, license-free management software

3.      Existing open source software can be developed by customers or entrusted by Z-COM

4.      Provide source code Restful API and visual chart statistics interface



1.      Z-COM is original manufacturers in researching and developing software and hardware, and we are complementary to the products of partners

2.      Strategic cooperation to create competitive solutions

3.      Radio Frequency (RF) professional technical support services



1.      Provide a proof of concept (PoC) environment and test and experiment in a safe and confidential way

2.      Assist customers to develop new business models and implement digital transformation

3.      Vertical Integration of AIoT industry resources, creating information sharing and technology exchange


Campaign Time: July 25, 2020 to December 25, 2020


Contact Number: (+886) 3-5777-364 #141

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