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Smart Connectivity in India


With the technological growth and smart network connection devices are extensively spread, people rely on the network to connect worldwide. Therefore, the government is working hard to develop and strengthen the network constructions in India to activate the development of network applications and drive the related industry to grow.

In 2015, Narendra Modi, the prime Minister of India, announced Smart Cities Mission for the first time. The mission includes building Wi-Fi networks in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune to meet the huge needs of network connection, stimulating the economic growth and assisting the city government to fulfill Internet of Things (IoT).

With reliable, fast and high-quality products and services, Z-COM worked together with local operators to set an important milestone for Indian network deployment. Z-COM provided the Indian government indoor/outdoor access points (APs), and Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs).



. Each WLC supports at least 40 Gbps throughput.

. Each WLC supports minimum 5,000 Access Points.

. Supports transferring and downloading data among 2G, 3G and 4G.

. Supports seamless Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming.

. WLCs comply with Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint® (Release 2).



. Easy installation.

. WLC provides Central Authentication Service (CAS) and manages all APs.

. Fast and stable network speed.

. Supports CAS and central forwarding to shorten the data transmission time.


The aim of this project was to provide convenient and stable Wi-Fi networks in various places, such as campus, hospitals and public areas. Moreover, this project was going to build network infrastructure throughout government organizations, significant sightseeing spots and world heritage sites. This would extend wireless connectivity to increase government work efficiency, attract tourists to share local attractions through the network, stimulate the development of new business models, and create more travel & tourism economy.

To assist the Indian government to achieve the plan, Z-COM provided new-generation 802.11ac Wave2 indoor and outdoor APs, and WLCs. The high-performance indoor and outdoor APs contain embedded antennas, support MU-MIMO and 4 spatial streams, and reach up to 2.5Gbps with high throughput 160MHz ultra-high bandwidth. With various installation methods, the APs can install either on pillars or walls. The APs meet IP67 rating and very suitable to apply to the outdoor harsh environments.



From planning the infrastructure, building the infrastructure, and then technical support services, Z-COM, with reliable and excellent products and services, builded a fast, stable, and sustainable wireless network environment for Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. Now, the local citizens and tourists enjoy the convenient wireless network everywhere. Currently, there is a new definition of IT between the Indian government and Z-COM. “I” represents India, and “T” represents Taiwan. India and Taiwan would like to start from Bangalore, Chennai and Pune and continuously provide convenient and stable wireless network services to every single place in India.

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