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Smart-city Wi-Fi in Delhi


With 460 million Internet users, India is the second largest number of mobile subscribers and the second largest smartphone market in the world. The number of Internet users in India is continuously growing rapidly. The overall Internet subscriber base is expected to reach 635.8 million subscriptions. Because of this, India is actively to promote digital policy, build network infrastructure, and extend wireless connectivity. Wireless network infrastructure is one of the key constructions in order to stimulate the development of technology industry in India and create more business opportunities.

Delhi is officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). According to the 2017 census, Delhi's city population was over 19 million, the second-highest in India after Mumbai. To enforce digital policy, the Indian government implemented an open-bidding to build a fast, reliable, and sustainable wireless network environment in Delhi. Z-COM, cooperated with local system integrator and software companies, competed with world-wide wireless-device companies for this bidding from Delhi. Finally, Z-COM won the bid because its products meet all the requirements of the buying with its excellent efficiency and competitive price.



. The Wireless LAN Controller supports minimum 5,000 APs and 50,000 wireless terminal devices

. The Wireless LAN Controller supports at least 20 Gbps throughput

. The Wireless LAN Controller needs to provide usage status report, monitoring, flow analysis, and troubleshooting features

. Supports N+1 redundancy

. Automatically adjust the frequency and wattage based on the radio frequency environment



. Easy installation

. Wireless access points support seamless roaming

. Fast and stable network speed

. Wireless LAN Controller provides Central Authentication Service (CAS) and manages all wireless access points

. Supports local forwarding to shorten the data transmission time



This project uses the FTTH (Fiber to The Home) service which is built by the local telecom company at government organizations, parliaments, and hot spots as a base to connect to Wi-Fi network.

Z-COM is responsible to provide solutions to integrate indoor and outdoor wireless access points with Wireless LAN Controllers. The solutions not only equips with stable, high-speed, and high price-performance ratio devices, but also includes central management, which can centralize the authentication and manage all wireless access points with by using the intuitive user interface. User can monitor the real-time status such as the number of connecting access points, terminals, SSIDs, and total data throughput.

Z-COM also provides more value-added features to allow IT administrators to arrange and manage the user levels for network usage, such as to customize the network connection settings, data flow rate, and network security level. Configuring a specific network service for special officials. When officials such as ministers, diplomats, or policemen enter the wireless signal coverage, the access point can identify the official based on the ID settings, and have the priority to use the channel with the best connectivity. 

Within the same coverage, the official can enjoy the high-speed, stable, and seamless roaming network service. The access point can provide the corresponding network service for different user groups to optimize the network resources and increase cost-effectiveness.



Z-COM cooperated with the Indian government again by providing products with stable, high-speed, high-capability and competitive price.

The project was launched in 2015, continued for 2 years, and finished in 2017. Z-COM provided and installed all the devices, and actively assisted to test all devices to prevent from operation and technical issues caused by system integration. The Delhi government was very satisfied with Z-COM Wireless Solutions that brought excellent wireless network environment in Delhi. Comparing with other world-wide companies, the more impressive thing to the local government is that Z-COM provided flexible, real-time, and overall services.

This exceeded the expectation of the Indian government, they recognized admires Taiwan contribution , and looked forward to future cooperation.

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