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Smart Wireless in Taoyuan Fire Department


Taoyuan Fire Department had been used devices to offer GPS tracking and had reached the limit where its system needed to be renewed. The current system has been in operation for several years and had become increasingly unreliable, requiring frequent repairs.

Because of the interest of constantly improving the delivery of fire services and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) throughout the county, the department needed a new mobile technology for quicker communication and remote network management.

The department decided its outdated system should be replaced with a robust, fast and reliable system to facilitate the dispatch of fire and EMS first responders to a call for service and to meet the operational requirements.


. Wi-Fi connectivity

. Connect to carrier-class LTE/4G broadband networks

. Ultrafast and reliable Wi-Fi

. All the LTE-Fi centrally managed by a simple and reliable cloud-based management ystem

. Connectivity for GPS vehicle tracking

. Easy to deploy

. Robust design for vehicles


. LTE-Fi in-vehicle access points

. zCloud management


Z-COM LTE-Fi solution is cloud-managed, providing central staffs with visibility of the entire vehicle network. Using zCloud can easily manage, monitor and update each device. If one is broken it can be troubleshot and diagnosed remotely to assist in getting it back online as quickly as possible. In addition, with a built-in GPS receiver in the LTE-Fi in-vehicle access point, Taoyuan Fire Department did not have extra expense of installing additional GPS-capable devices in each fire truck and ambulance.

Furthermore, LTE-Fi solution provides the connectivity required to transmit real-time information about location tracking by sending GPS coordinates over the Internet. It can provide a better track and assist emergency response fleets on route to and from incident scenes, giving firefighters geographical information that can help to improve response rates.

Finally, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi speed and 4G LTE Internet speed, the connection is fast enough to let staff synchronize data really fast and get back on the road without ever leaving their vehicles.


. Fast and reliable wireless connectivity

. Elimination of manual management for individual access point

. Real-time vehicle status and monitor vehicle fleet maintenance

. Increase efficiency and awareness between incident, dispatch and first responders


The trial was a success. The LTE-Fi in-vehicle access point not only provided the connectivity required to access real-time information as hoped, but also created a Wi-Fi network enviornment. Meanwhile, central station maintained continuous information about the location and status of vehicles, so they can respond to emergency calls and requested for backup faster. They were very pleased with the system. It has been proved helpful and useful on many occasions. We are looking forward to working with Z-COM on other projects in the future.

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