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【Product Information】Z-COM latest Wi-Fi 6 series - The Most Efficient in Enterprise, Industrial, and Telecom Applications

Mar 18, 2021

While the era of 5G, AIoT and Industry 4.0 is coming, at Embedded World 2021, Z-COM is presenting the latest Wi-Fi 6 Series, including Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 Embedded Board, Z-COM Wi-Fi 6/6E Module, Z-COM Wireless Access Point and Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Gateway. Z-COM spreads out the wireless solutions to shorter development times and reduces cost with system integrators and industrial manufacturers.

The Wi-Fi 6 wireless access point products provide comprehensive and flexible wireless applications; while the Z-COM wireless controllers with zMEC Edge Computing Platform offer software flexible expandability, data analysis, optimizing connectivity and creating the wireless network upgraded.


Z-COM Latest Wi-Fi 6 Series

Wi-Fi 6 Embedded Applications

• Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 Embedded Board


240 Series, 250 Series, and 1220 Series

Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 Embedded Board is equipped with Qualcomm chipset,          and the 250 and 1220 Series have supported the expansion of 5G NR,            wifi6 and 6E modules, which are ideal for enterprise, industrial, and telecom applications.

SoM-260 (System on Module)

The SoM, an integrated module, is supported radio-frequency and expansibility. Z-COM features to speed up the schedule reduce costs and offer the service for product customization with different requirements and interfaces.

• Z-COM Wi-Fi 6/6E Module


AX930 Series, AX931 Series, 5G NR and 4G LTE

Z-COM Wi-Fi 6/6E Modules products offer the benefits of developers to shorter development times and connect better performance easily with our partners.

Z-COM Wireless Access Point


AS240 Series, AS 250 series and AS1220 Series

The Z-COM Wireless Access Point products are designed for ultra-high-speed, anti-interference, and low-latency wireless environments, which allow clients to upgrade with better performance and costs. And those are perfect for small and medium enterprises, shopping centers, medical, campuses, industrial manufacturing applications.

Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Gateway

1616744018.8074.jpgThe Wi-Fi 6 carrier-grade 5G gateway supports multiple telecoms technical with the needs of all kinds of fields. And the network framework of Z-COM Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Gateway makes it higher density and better wireless connect network.

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