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WiFi Network GiNet at St. Lucia



The GiNet project was collaboration between Taiwan and Saint Lucia. The purpose of this project was to improve the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructural development in Saint Lucia and to bridge the digital gap between the urban and rural areas. The project established 63 Wi-Fi hotspots among five districts (Castries, Dennery, Micoud, Vieux Fort, and Canaries) on the island.


-  Build a sustainable Wi-Fi network

-  Easy to deploy

-  Improve Saint Lucia’s development


-  Outdoor access points

-  Wireless LAN Controller

-  Bridge


-  Fast, reliable wireless connectivity

-  Maintain the diplomatic relationship

-  Improve Saint Lucia’s economy

-  Improve people’s quality of life



Featuring a fast, solid quality, and highly compatible wireless network solution, Z-COM was responsible for installing all the outdoor access points and bridges for this project.

Based on the conditions, Z-COM chose outdoor access points, a Wireless LAN Controller, and bridges to build the Wi-Fi network. The coverage includes the five cities, Castries, Dennery, Micoud, Vieux Fort, and Canaries.The outdoor access points were mostly installed in school courtyards, parking lots, and in the downtown area.

First Z-COM provided the outdoor access points so that the Wi-Fi signal can cover the areas surrounding the community center, bus stops, school courtyards, the field, and classrooms in Dennery. Next, in Micoud, Z-COM arranged the installation of access points at CAC proposed locations, post offices, school courtyards, and parking lots. Next, Z-COM arranged the installation of access points at proposed locations, post offices, school courtyards, and parking lots in Micoud. Then, Z-COM provided outdoor access points.

All the devices and technology were imported from Taiwan. It was commenced in 2015 with the purpose to enhance the internet penetration rate in Saint Lucia.

Network Architecture

Using the centralized forwarding architecture, a separate data was transmitted through the Wireless LAN Controller. This means that all wireless data traffic was transferred through the Wireless LAN Controller.


Taiwan project manager led a team to set up a workstation at the central market in Castries to test the GiNet free Wi-Fi service. They evaluated the maximum number of users that could connect at each individual Wi-Fi hotspot. A vendor in the central market, was excited to express the appreciation to Taiwan by sending messages using social media immediately after successfully connected to the internet. Many people logged on the internet through the GiNet free Wi-Fi service and gathered around the workstation to inquire about related services and information. In addition, children obtained a better education environment by using the Wi-Fi service.

Setting up the Wi-Fi network not only promoted the education and economy, but also enriched people's life.

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