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Smart Wireless in Chongqing Department Store



Chongqing Department Store consists of two shopping malls which are a 7-story Banan New Centrury shopping center and an 8-story Guanyin Bridge Sunshine Century shopping center with 800,000+ square feet respectively.


According to both two branches of Chongqing Department Store, the problem was clear but hard to fix: the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure just couldn’t handle their current user capacity. Wireless coverage was patchy, performance was unreliable and connections were unstable. Besides, access points management had been always a huge problem for them and the Wi-Fi security system was inaccurate and couldn’t meet their needs. Chongqing Department Store is the biggest department store in Chongqing, with the rising popularity in China and more people came to the shopping mall every day, the poor Wi-Fi system was indeed a big issue for them to be solved.


. Ubiquitous Wi-Fi to cover up to 8 floors, 800,000+ square feet in per shopping mall

. Seamless roaming among access points

. Centralized management and eliminate manual configuration of individual access point

. Multiple SSID (Service Set Identifier) support and VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) mapping per SSID

. Secure user authentication and wireless security encryption


. 802.11n Carrier-Grade access points

. Wireless LAN Controller

. Enhanced advertisement push system


. Centralized configuration and management of all access points by one single Wireless LAN Controller

. Robust and powerful security measures by strict authentication process

. Perfect scalability with newly deployed access point

. Strong, Reliable Wi-Fi signals which provide consistent performance

. Pushing advertising system which supports abundant advertising forms and reduces marketing cost and achieves precision marketing target


The solution adopts carrier-grade access points with extraordinary signal capability and high power guarantees perfect signal strength (-75dBm) even after penetrating two brick walls. The system has been passeesting which is able to maintain perfect performance under harsh environments.


All access points support multiple SSIDs. It can simultaneously broadcast both customer and work SSIDs. To separate operation network from office network, customer and work SSIDs are bounded to different VLANs. They can also supports security features of black and white list access control and rogue access point detection.


Our solution adopts WEB authentication which is an important security control method for the administrator. After wireless client associates access point, Wireless LAN Controller’s internal portal server will push authentication WEB page to it. First input username and password on the portal page, user will be allowed to access network after being successfully authenticated by internal radius server.


Z-COM’s robust security measurement adopts strict authentication process to guarantee traceability of all users’ network access information. The security features of perfect encryption, wireless client isolation, URL filtering, VAP (Virtual Access Point) separation and black and white list access control which guarantee network safety of mall visitors, workers and vendors.


Z-COM solution adopts Wireless LAN Controller and access points network architecture. All access points are centrally managed, monitored and configured by Wireless LAN Controller. It takes only one administrator to complete daily Wireless LAN Controller maintenance work, which greatly improves management efficiency and reduces our maintenance cost. Above all, Z-COM’s enhanced advertisement push system can reach visitors through WLAN. The solution supports abundant advertising forms, reduces marketing cost and achieves precision marketing target audiences.


Z-COM mobility framework lets Chongqing Department Store improve and personalize their customer experience that nobody has ever achieved before. Our performance totally exceeds Chongqing Department Store’s expectations and they are pleased to recommend it implementing in the whole Chongqing General Trading Group in the future.


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