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Wireless Network in Taiwan Luxury Community



A luxury community which was built in 1993 is located in the Tamsui District in New Taipei City. In 2014, the resident committee decided to increase the security level in the whole condominium to improve the safety of its residents and agreed to install a surveillance system that would not damage the buildings or infrastructure of the luxury community. 

With solid RF technology background and more than 20 years of experience in the networking industry, Z-COM helped the luxury community to comprehensively analyze the location, building structures, and networking environment and provided the most appropriate Wi-Fi solution and configuration to meet the expectations of the resident committee. In addition, Z-COM assisted the luxury community to manage the surveillance system in a sustainable and convenient way.

How to supply electricity?

Only few IP cameras directly connected to PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches through a physical cable. Most IP cameras and backbone outdoor access points are connected to PoE adaptors, all devices not directly connected to a PoE switch can receive power through their respective Ethernet cables. All IP camera data are transmitted successfully, assuring the residents not to worry about data loss.


. Physically construct a wireless network is simpler and safer

. IP cameras should have 1080p (progressive scan) Full HD resolution

. NVR (Network Video Recorders) should located in the local computer facility


. Backbone outdoor access points

. Switches


. Wireless deployment reduces risks while constructing the network

. Appearance of community is preserved without extra construction

. Need a cost-effective wireless solution

. Follow-up maintenance is easier and more convenient



The luxury community project was divided into three parts: roads, outdoor facilities, and community buildings. Every intersection was equipped with one or more IP cameras to capture the traffic status and to keep track of all the vehicles and passengers travelling in and out the roads.  The committee also requested for the security zone to be extended to popular public areas like the swimming pool and the basketball courts. Z-COM also installed surveillance systems there to monitor and protect the community’s safety. In addition, the surveillance system was equipped with an alert function. When an accident happened, the alert sent an emergency notice to the security guards concurrently, so that community can react and deal with the issue immediately. IP camera data can be transferred simultaneously while recording.

IP camera data is transferred to the core switch through Z-COM's Backbone outdoor access points and switches as well as saved in a private storage system. All the video streams can be managed on the NVR system and displayed on one monitor.


No physical wiring construction needed to be made by adopting Z-COM's wireless solution. The appearance of the luxury community was not affected. Furthermore, the distance between the farthest backbone outdoor access points and the core switch was about 600M. With strong R&D customization capability and reliable quality, data was transmitted securely through Z-COM’s surveillance system. Compared to a physical network, follow-up maintenance of the wireless integration and coverage extension was easier and more convenient.

Z-COM assisted the community by extending the application of wireless network access and terminals through traffic offloading and wireless broadband access technologies. We provided timely network connection for broadband services and latest innovating products. With Z-COM’s wireless and surveillance solutions, the community became a safe and secure environment.

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