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【Success Stories】Z-COM Introduces New Energy AIoT-zMEC Integrated Solution

Apr 23, 2021

Z-COM and Eco Energy Corporation Build a Stable and Reliable Energy Storage System


Z-COM achieves the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Green Energy applications with Eco Energy Corporation, a total system solution for battery energy storage systems. The success case is that an intelligent transportation systems container shipping company in the Kaohsiung port terminal is very high power consumption with electric gantry cranes and empty container handlers, so Eco-Energy Corporation monitors data with a smart meter and Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize the electricity efficiency. Z-COM provides zMEC edge computing system and stable wireless communication to real-time and accurate transmission.


- The long-distance of mobile ESS and electrical and mechanical room

- Near the port, and the wind and salt damaged the equipment easily

- Rapidly send electric meter information to the EMS

- Stable and high throughput levels data transmission


ESS in the Kaohsiung port terminal containers, where is the important route of transportation for trucks and cannot be implemented the wires. The equipment is harm by winds, sunshine and salts because of neighboring the coast. Z-COM realizes the environment of installation and provides the wireless solution for this application.


ü   Z-COM SP220V2 Outdoor Access Points

ü   Z-COM IoT gateway

ü   Z-COM AC1025 4G LTE Cellular Gateway


ü   Provides stable communication system for long distance

ü   Hardened-grade ensure with IP67 certification, 14 levels wind tunnel and salt test

ü   Hardware and software design services to integrate products

ü   Cost-optimized with remote network management, troubleshooting and maintenance

Create a real-time and intelligent IoT energy storage solution with stable wireless communication integration.”

Z-COM deployed two outdoor access points at the Kaohsiung port terminal container; one is at the ESS container and the other is at the electrical and mechanical room to ensure security and expandability.

1) The electric meter data is sent from the electrical and mechanical room to Z-COM SP220V2 through Z-COM IoT Gateway.
2) Then, Z-COM IoT Gateway transfers the data to the switch in the ESS from 20M distances with bridge PtP.
3) At the same time, the Z-COM AC1025 4G LTE Cellular Gateway transmits the data to the controller center for real-time data analysis.
  Z-COM connects the ESS container and controller center with stable wireless; users are able to maintain and manage the data conveniently.



Z-COM integrates the software and hardware technology, accomplishes the wireless network structure of ESS with Eco Energy to realize the IoT applications for monitoring and analysis of new energy industries, and supports simultaneous and security connections.


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